Children making paper miters

Children making paper miters

Photos: Dutch Club Chicago

Dutch Club Chicago

Chicago, Illinois, USA

Sinterklaas Visit

The Sinterklaas event begins with children decorating paper miters. At 1 o'clock the children sing Sinterklaas songs to greet Sint and three Pieten. Sinterklaas spoke with all the children, parents and other volunteers. The Pieten distributed pepernoten and other candy. Sinterklaas left at 2:30 and the children then opened their presents. Dutch foods, including stroopwafels, speculaas cookies, tangerines, poffertjes and chocolate milk were available throughout the event.
Children making paper miters
Sinterklaas with Pieten
Sinterklaas talking with children
Sinterklaas checking his book
Colorful Pieten, such as were introduced unsuccessfully in the Netherlands in 2006, saying the ship came through a rainbow and the color came off on the Pieten