St. Nikolaus

St. Nikolaus

Photos: Chlausezunft Egerkingen

Chlausezunft Egerkingen

Egerkingen, Canton Solothurn, Switzerland

St Nicholas Celebration & Visits

Egerkingen hosts a large St. Nicholas celebration on the first Sunday in Advent. People gather in the church where St. Nicholas tells his story before going out for the impressive procession of lighted stars, lanterns, bells and big iffelen. Afterward, St. Nicholas distributes grittibänz to children afterward. On the 5th and 6th of December up to 7 Nikolaus visit families in homes.

More about the Chlausumzug festival
St. Nikolaus
Saint greeting people in St Martin's Church
Telling his story
St Nikolaus in front of participants in lighted procession
St. Nikolaus giving the tradition Swiss Nicholas bread, grittibänz
And more grittibänz