Grt Yarmouth <i>Mercury</i>: 3/4 Million Pounds to Renovate St. Nicholas

Grt Yarmouth Mercury: 3/4 Million Pounds to Renovate St. Nicholas


Saint Nicholas
Gt Yarmouth Parish Church

Great Yarmouth Pottery

St. Nicholas Parish Church
Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England, UK


3 3/4 inches high

Saint Nicholas Church was destroyed by a fire bomb, 24 June 1942. These tankards were sold in support of the 1957-1960 rebuilding. The church was reconsecrated in 1960.

Limited edition, #280/500

Text on the base:
St Nicholas throned with a book in his hand,
welcomes you to the largest church in the land.
Bombed in a war and destroyed near by fire
Most of it lost including the spire,
The first in the land to see the suns light,
While the earth stood in darkness that spire shone bright,
Though the spire has gone and the records no more,
You are welcome with pleasure through St Nicholas door.