Photo:  <a href="" target="new" class="link">Abbazia di Novalesa</a>

Photo: Abbazia di Novalesa

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Cappella di S. Eldrado e S. Nicola
Abbazia di Novalesa

Roman Catholic

Novalesa, Piedmont


The Benedictine Abbey, founded in AD 726, has 9th century Byzantine-style frescos of Saint Nicholas. They are among the oldest surviving St. Nicholas images (1096). The abbey, located along La Via Francigena, the ancient pilgrimage route from Canterbury to Rome, provided hospitality to pilgrims until 17th century when it was taken over by Cistercians. Benedictines returned in the 1970s and have a workshop restoring ancient manusripts.
Photo:  <a href="" target="new" class="link">Abbazia di Novalesa</a>
Above: Nicholas is selected to be Bishop of Myra<br />Below: Nicholas providing dowry money for three sisters
Nicholas consecrated as bishop
Nicholas saving the three condemned innocent men
Nicholas warning pilgrims to throw oil, given by disguised Diana, into the sea
Central ceiling motif: victorious Lamb of God<br />Lower: Legend showing faithfulness to laws of church as infant refuses his mother's breast