St. Nicholas

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St. Nicholas Books in French
Click for our list of currently available books from Amazon and other sources.
Out-of-print books may be found in libraries or the used book market.

= some of our favorites
  • Eglise Saint Nicolas: église catholique romaine

    Brussels, Belgium

    Spiral bound information and photos of the church

  • Zoom sur Saint Nicolas: Un autre regard sur le Grand Patron des Lorrains

    Bloch, Denise & Jean-François Tritschler

    Editions Association d'idées, Collection Zoom, 2013

    Nancy, France

    Stunning book with lavish full-color illustrations; tells the story of Saint-Nicolas, patron saint of Lorraine, through 16th century vignettes in the Basilica in St-Nicolas-de-Port and popular customs

    Purchase from Editions Association d'idées

  • Saint Nicolas

    Claude, Henri, Claude Kevers-Pascalis and Marcel Thiriet

    Gerard Kloopp, Luxembourg, 1998

    Sumptuous book of Nicolas in his own time and as a universally revered saint

  • Saint Nicolas

    Cuny, Jean-Marie

    Imagerie d'Epinal, 1987

  • Le Saint Patron

    Gerner, Jochen

    L'Association, Paris, France, 2004

    Graphic novel illustrating the patron saint of Lorraine, Saint Nicolas; includes history, customs and more

  • Saint Nicolas à La Carte

    Pfingsttag, Alex E. & Steinauer, Jean

    Bibliotèque cantonale et universitaire, 1991

    Black and white reproductions of the Saint Nicolas cards from the College Saint-Michel, Fribourg, 1916–1991

  • Saint Nicolas: les aventures du patron de Fribourg

    Steinauer, Jean

    Editions faim de siècle, 2005

    Beautifully illustrated book portraying Saint Nicolas in Fribourg

  • La Légende de Saint Nicolas

    Strich, Marie-Jose

    Editions Ouest-France, 1998

    Beautifully illustrated, glossy volume, many images and photographs

  • Saint Nicolas: tradition vivante

    Tréteaux de Chalamala, ed.,

    Editions Tréteaux de Chalmala, Bulle, Suisse, 1984

    Nicely illustrated book of Saint Nicolas traditions in Switzerland

  • Un Saint-Délice: pain d'épice et Nicolas

    Wanson, Isabelle

    Bibliothèque Royale de Belgique, 2002

    Lavish exhibit catalog

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