St. Nicholas

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Cookie Cutters
St Nicholas Cookie Cutter Cookies
Miter, Polish, Austrian & Ukrainian designs

Copper Cookie Cutters—7 designs: one  + cross bonus cutter with the miter cutter!


Offered in response to your requests—high quality handcrafted heavyweight copper cutters, tips and recipes included!

Use to make special cookies or as templates for crafts (ornament example)

St Nicholas Austrian Cookie Cutter
Austrian I
St Nicholas Polish Cookie Cutter
St Nicholas Miter Cookie Cutter
Small St Nicholas Cookie Cutter
Small Nick
St Nicholas Ukrainian Cookie Cutter
St Nicholas New Austrian Cookie Cutter
Austrian II
St Nicholas New Face Cookie Cutter
Nicholas Face

New Nicholas Face CutterSt. Nicholas Face Cutter

Cutter adapted from felt St. Nicholas ornament

Cookies may be glazed, or with simple detail.

2 x 4 inches

$8.00 + s&h (this cutter is not included in set)

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New Austrian CutterAustrian II Design St. Nicholas Cutter

Cutter adapted from Austrian cutter

A somewhat smaller, though still nicely detailed, cutter.
Cookies may be simply glazed, or decorated with more detail.

2 3/8 x 5½ inches

$8.00 + s&h (this cutter is not included in set)

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Small St Nicholas CookiesSmall St. Nicholas Cookie Cutter with Insert

This cutter makes a smaller, simpler cookie—ideal for larger quantities as it uses less dough and is easier to decorate. The attached insert makes an impression of the outline for the face. It is 1/8-inch from one side and 1/4-inch from the other, to be used with dough of different thicknesses.

4 x 1¾ inches

$8.00 + s&h
Recipe and instructions included

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Austrian design cookie cutterAustrian I Design St. Nicholas Cookie Cutter

Cutter designed from cookie found in an Austrian Christkindl market


7¼ x 3½ inches

$8.00 + s&h

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Polish design cookie cutter Polish Design St. Nicholas Cookie Cutter

Traditional design cutter

Click for traditional Polish decorating pattern

6 7/8 x 2¾ inches

$6.50 + s&h

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Miter cookie cutter with bonus cross cutterSt. Nicholas Miter with Bonus Mini Cross

Cookies may be frosted, as above, or use the bonus mini cutter to cut out the cross

3½ x 2½ inches
$6.75 + s&h

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Ukrainian Byzantine Bishop CookiesUkrainian St. Nicholas Byzantine Cookie Cutter

Design taken from Ukrainian cookie photo


4½ x 2¼ inches
$6.00 + s&h (this cutter is not included in set)

Traditional, and not so traditional, St. Nicholas Cookie Recipes

Our cookie cutters are made by Frankencutters in Luddington, Michigan.

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