St. Nicholas

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Miscellaneous St. Nicholas Items
from Other Sources
  • Saint Nicholas Pillow

    by Clarence Jones

    Seattle, Washington

    100% cotton, 20 x 20 inches; $59.95

    Large pillow with clear, graphic design.

    Purchase from Zazzle

  • Saint Nick Classroom Cutout Set

    Brenda Nippert

    Nippert & Co Artworks, 2014

    Figure 11 x 28 1/2 inches; set of 6 11 x 17 inch sheets, $14.00

    St. Nicholas figure on two sheets to make one large figure; 4 sheets of shoes to cut-out.

    Purchase from Nippert & Co Artworks

  • St. Nicholas Stickers

    by happysaints


    1 1/2-inch 20/$5.60 or 3-inch 6/$5.60

    Design also available on buttons, postcards, notecards, bags and other items

    "God loves a cheerful giver"

    Purchase from Zazzle

  • Child's Cope and Miter


    Hamilton, Ohio

    Cope & miter $50.00 (alb available separately)

    Available in boys' sizes 4-5, 6-8, 10-12, 14-16, with specified length

    Poly cotton fabric with gold trim

    Purchase from Etsy

  • Child's St. Nicholas Costume

    Our Coats of Many Colors

    Cummings, Kansas

    4-part costume (tunic, surplice, chasuble, miter) $71.25

    Available in sizes 2/3 - 14/16

    Made of quality, washable fabrics to stand up to dress-up and play

    Purchase from Our Coats of Many Colors

  • St. Nicholas Icon Magnet & Candy Gift Set

    Acrylic icon magnet, 3 x 3 inches
    3 Lindt Lindor chocolate truffles
    Velveteen bag, 5 x 7-inches


    Purchase from Orthodox Gifts

  • The St. Nick Bag

    Ad-vantage Promotions

    Racine, Wisconsin

    Large navy, white, or black cotton: 11 x 14 inches, screen-printed $10.00; embroidered $20.00; personalized add $3.00
    Mini for little treats, hunter green or black velveteen: 5 x 7 inches, screen printed $5.00

    Shoe bags to receive St. Nicholas treats may be hung on a door knob; mini bags come with 5 chocolate gold coins

    Purchase from

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