St. Nicholas

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Sticker Ornaments

Make quick and easy ornaments using our St. Nicholas stickers. Stickers are available in our shop.

St Nicholas Sticker Ornament
Sticker Ornament, actual size


• Stickers, available in our shop
• Cardstock to print PDF template
• Stiffened felt (shown), foam sheets, or stiff craft paper in various colors, bright colors make festive ornaments
• 1/8-inch ribbon, cut to 8-inch lengths


• White marking pencil, chalk pen, or pencil if using paper backgrounds
• Scissors
• 1/8-inch punch, available from


1. Cut 2¾ x 4½-inch rectangles from stiffened felt, foam sheets or crisp paper, for background pieces;
2. Print template PDF on cardstock, cut out rectangles for group use.
3. Cut out template.
4. If using stiffened felt, draw around template with marking pen;    
    If using foam sheets, use pencil to lightly mark;
    Use pencil with craft paper;
5. Cut out shapes;
6. Attach sticker to cut shape; put it on the side without markings;
7. Punch hole for ribbon hanger;
8. Insert ribbon and tie.

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