St. Nicholas

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Collectible St. Nicholas Pewter from Germany

Two beautiful, detailed ornaments and one standing figure are from well-known German pewter companies, Wilhelm Schweizer and Kühn. These make stunning additions to any collection! 

St Nicholas
Kühn Ornament
St Nicholas
Schweizer Ornament
Standing St. Nicholas

Flat red St Nicholas Ornament 
Kühn Pewter St. Nicholas Ornament brighter colors!
—just one left!

Both sides nicely detailed with red and metallic gold

1 3/16 inches tall


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Flat St Nicholas Ornament

Wilhelm Schweizer Pewter St.Nicholas Ornament

Fine detailed painting on both the front and back

Red cope and miter with assorted colors (purple, blue and black) on the cassock

3¼ inches tall


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Standing St Nicholas
Click for larger image
Wilhelm Schweizer St. Nicholas Standing Figure
—just two left!

Beautifully detailed, fine painting on front and back of this special piece—pictures do not do justice to these exceptional pieces!

Comes in gift box, tied with silver cord

3 3/4 inches tall--do click for larger image to really see him!


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