St. Nicholas

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St. Nicholas Window Picture Lace

Imported from Germany! Almost gone—just one left!

Detailed weaving and embroidery makes this a very special St. Nicholas decoration. In Europe these are hung in windows. The lace figure may also be used as an ornament or other decoration or appliqued onto a pillow, table runner, or other decorative object. Like many of our unique St. Nicholas items, it is a perfect gift for a special person.

St. Nicholas Window Picture Lace
St. Nicholas on Horseback

Designed and made by Plauener Spitze Lace Cooperative
Plauen, Germany

Finely detailed machine weaving and embroidery, red and white with black, orange and metallic gold accents in the stars, bridle, breast strap, hooves, shoe, hand & gold thread in beard (the gold doesn't show well in the photo). The figure is stiffened; if you soak it in clear water the stiffening will rinse out somewhat, making it a bit softer for other uses.

6 x 9-inches tall

$12.00 + s&h

Note: all pieces have white mustaches, hair and trim, despite the window photo where the thickness blocks light, distorting the photo image

Saint, horse on red pillow

Make a St. Nicholas, or Sinterklaas, pillow!

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