St. Nicholas

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 Siggiewi December St. Nicholas Festival

The town of Siggiewi, Malta, celebrates its patron saint in both June and December. The June festival is the main one, lasting four days in the last week of June.

The December festival, December 6th—Saint Nicholas' actual feast day—is smaller and features the primary school.

The morning of December 6, a procession goes from Siggiewi Primary School to the Church of Saint Nicolas of Bari. All the school children participate, following a special statue of Saint Nicholas, carried by older school boys. This statue is smaller than the large one that comes out for the June festival. The Siggiewi Band Club and Siggiewi Scouts Group also join the procession.

When the procession has come into the church, a special Mass, dedicated to the children, is held.

The church is decorated for the main Mass in the evening and the whole town comes together for this event. The service features special music, including the Antiphon of St. Nicholas.

The festival day concludes with the Siggiewi Band Club's concert in the square in front of the church.

Photos: Maureen Delia, Siggiewi, Malta. Used by permission.

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