St. Nicholas

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 Miraculous & Weeping Icons

Mosaic St Nicholas Icon
Mosaic St. Nicholas Icon, Stavronikita Monastery

Card: St Nicholas Center Collection

Weeping Icon, Kenosha, Wisconsin
St. NicholasOrthodox Church, 2015
Weeping Icon, Thailand,
now at All Saints Orthodox Church, Pattaya, 2009
Weeping Icon, Hempstead, New York,
St. Paul Cathedral, 2008
Weeping Icon in Donetsk
Donetsk, Ukraine, 2006
Weeping Icon, Antwerp
Paroisse de la Nativite du Christ, Antwerp, 2006
Miraculous Icons in Ukraine 
    Healings at Sviatohirsky Lavra Monastery, 1999 & 2000
     Miraculous Mending 
Weeping Icon, Michigan City, Indiana
St. George the Great Martyr Orthodox Church, 1996
Weeping Icon, Tarpon Springs
St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Cathedral, Tarpon Springs, Florida, 1970s
Saint Nicholas of the Oyster, Mount Athos, Greece 
Stavronikita Monastery, 1553

Writing a Saint Nicholas Icon
Reflections on the process, with pictures

Traditional Stories & Legends
Classic Primary Sources
Life of St. Nicholas shown in images
Modern Miracles
Stories from Mount Athos

More Stories & Poems

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