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St. Nicholas Center is in a new partnership with Virginia Theological Seminary (VTS) in Alexandria, Virginia. VTS, an Episcopal seminary founded in 1823, prepares women and men from around the world for both ordained and lay service in the church. 

Both our website and museum-quality Who Is St. Nicholas? exhibit will have a permanent home at VTS. The website in Lifelong Learning and the exhibit in the Welcome Center and the St. Nicholas Faith & Justice Center will be elsewhere on the campus of Virginia Theological Seminary. 

Opening panel, in process, for the St. Nicholas exhibit in the Welcome Center, Virginia Theological Seminary, 2019
The exhibit will have a permanent home at VTS

The exhibit will be open to the public year around, enabling those who love St. Nicholas and those who wonder about St. Nicholas to learn more about this wonderful saint any time the seminary is open. 

Moreover, St. Nicholas Faith & Justice Center will feature more than our primary exhibit. Other parts of our extensive collection will rotate, complementing the central exhibit. Additionally, St. Nicholas concern for the weak and vulnerable will be an important part of the project. His stories and legends connect with current issues and call us to respond with advocacy, seeking justice for children, those who are hungry, trafficked, incarcerated, facing execution and inequality. Organizations whose work for justice extending St. Nicholas' legacy will also be featured. 

When can I visit?

St. Nicholas Faith & Justice Center will be in the Welcome Center, Virginia Theological Seminary
This will be the permanent home for our exhibit and more

Reconfiguring of the Welcome Center is taking place in 2022-23. The St. Nicholas Exhibit will open in July 2023 as part of the VTS Bicentennial Celebration.

The Website

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This exciting development assures a future for VTS is the premier source for Christian digital formation and St. Nicholas Center will become one of VTS Lifelong Learning online digital resources—resources equipping leaders for ministry. 

Virginia Theological Seminary Lifelong Learning sites include:

We are honored to become a part of VTS' digital outreach.

How can I help?

The seminary's Welcome Center will be renovated on the lower level to receive St. Nicholas. When finished it will have, in addition to exhibit space, an activity area and a creche gallery. It is a BIG project.

For this to become a reality, funding is necessary. Almost 2/3 is already promised; more is needed. 

Please consider contributing to Virginia Theological Seminary to make St. Nicholas Faith & Justice Center a reality. Gifts of any size are needed and appreciated. To give, click on the link below, then choose "Other" on the Designation dropdown, and put "St. Nicholas" into the blank "Other" field.

Donate Now

If you prefer to give through St. Nicholas Center, we'll see that all contributions go towards this project.

~ by mail ~
Virginia Theological Seminary, ATTN: Linda Dienno, 3737 Seminary Road, Alexandria, VA 22304

St. Nicholas Center, 109 West 12th Street, Holland, MI 49423

Thank you so much for your support. Your gifts will give St. Nicholas a permanent, visible home, enabling many to learn about this amazing saint and his care for others.

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