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This is just amazing!





It's like a museum has come to us!


St Nicholas almost comes to life in front of your eyes . . . .

—The Revd Canon J M Rosenthal, St Nicholas Society

I really enjoyed the mix of ancient and contemporary pieces. Everyone enjoyed making rubbings and hats, just like kids.

—Val Berryman, curator, MSU Museum

The exhibit is fantastic!

—The Rt. Rev. Jeffrey Lee, Bishop of Chicago

The exhibit was amazing and wonderful for us!

—Dean Joy Rogers, St James Cathedral, Chicago

THANK YOU for the amazing gift of your collection—

—Robert Black, 30 Good Minutes

Photos of the 34 exhibit cases and panels that tell the story of Saint Nicholas, with artifacts and customs from around the world. Facing panels on the same subject are shown together. Click for larger images. Photos of additional paintings and other artifacts are here.

Opening panel
Opening Panel
Tarkington quote
Booth Tarkington quotation
Video case
Introductory video
Exhibit case
Nicholas, the Saint
Exhibit cases
The Life of Nicholas
Exhibit cases
Stories & Legends
Exhibit cases
Faith Traditions
Exhibit cases
St. Nicholas Around the World
Exhibit cases
Exhibit cases
The Netherlands & Belgium
Exhibit cases
Germany, France & Switzerland
Wonderworker in the East
East European Gift Giver
Exhibit cases
Italy, Spain, Portugal & Beyond
Exhibit cases
England & North America
Nicholas to Santa Claus
Exhibit cases
Nicholas, An Example to Follow
Exhibit panel
Postcard images from around the world
Closing panel
Exhibit closing graphic

Children's Activities

St. Nicholas in Puzzles
Rubbings Tell St. Nicholas Story
Folding St. Nicholas Miters
Saint Nicholas points to the heart of Christmas

Photos: Jeff Glenn, Glenn Photography, Saginaw, Michigan

Exhibit Photos from Chicago

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