St. Niklausvereinigung
Kath. Pfarrei Buchs / Grabs

Buchs, Canton St. Gallen, Switzerland

St. Niklaus Arrival & Visits


This association meets in November to instruct new Samichlausen and finish preparations for the big arrival on the first Sunday in Advent. The St. Niklausen visit over 200 area homes, including Grabs, Haag, Gams, Sevelen, Weite, Trübbach, Fontnas, Azmoos, Malans, Gretschins, Oberschan and in Liechtenstein. Home, school, and club visits are scheduled for four days around St. Nicholas day. The tradition began over 50 years ago and around 70 people take part, as Niklausen, Schmutzlis, and other helpers. Since 1994 the celebration begins when around 10 St Niklausen with donkeys and Schmutzlis, take part in the streets so every child can talk to Niklaus and receive a gift from a Schmutzli. Then everyone goes into the Catholic Church for songs and stories.