M.I. Cofradia de San Nicolás

Alicante, Spain

Fiestas de San Nicolás de Bari


The festival begins on 5 December with blessing and baptism of children at the Concatedral de San Nicolas in Alicante. The patronal festival Solemn Mass is held at 11 am on the 6th. This is followed immediately by a civil and religious procession, as St. Nicholas is the patron saint of Alicante, taking the St. Nicholas statue through the main streets of the old town. City officials, the mayor and brotherhoods, join St. Nicholas himself, who rides a horse, giving toys and candy to children. When the statue returns to the Cathedral it is greeted by the Alicante band, playing national and city anthems. At 6 pm the St. Nicholas parade of more than 1000 Moors & Christians, with groups from different neighborhoods, takes place. The festival concludes with a street party at 10:30 pm.