National Park Hutsulshchyna

Pistyn, Ukraine

Christmas & New Year St. Nicholas Festival


The "Manor of St. Nicholas" in national park Hutsulshchyna hosts St. Nicholas activities throughout the season. The largest one attracts 14,500 visitors in one day. There are competitions for Christmas costumes, fairy tale characters, vocal, dance, instrumental, and folk art groups. The winners receive a certificate and gift. All participants are given sweet gifts. Many regional officials participate—as workers and attendees.

In addition there are events for families with four or more children who receive sweet gifts from St. Nicholas so everyone knows St. Nicholas remembers everyone. The children read poems, sing songs, and express gratitude to the good saint.

Over 25,000 letters to St. Nicholas come to the Manor House. All receive replies and when there is need connections to charities so no child is forgotten.