St. Nicholas Stories

= Storybook with flip pages

The Real St. Nicholas
Who was he—really?

And Now We Call Him Santa Claus
Is that Nicholas?

The Story of Saint Nicholas
What did he do? Who did he become?

The Golden Cup
Young Basilio has disappeared … what will happen?

The Life of Saint Nicholas
Fifteen of St. Nicholas’ best-known stories

The Cheerful Giver
Was he the first Santa Claus?

St. Nicholas Gets the Goods
How will people eat without any food?

A St. Nicholas Story
Why St. Nicholas comes each year—

Kersti and Saint Nicholas
Will Saint Nicholas forget naughty children?
A chapter book

A St. Nicholas Story
or The Fiercest Little Animal in the Forest

Saint Nicolas
Popular French story for children
St. Nicholas (Sinterklaas) in the Netherlands
Gentle animations show several Dutch scenes

Kids Tell about Saint Nicholas
By kids for kids

The Legend of St. Nicholas
A traditional story from France

The Legende of St. Nicolas
Another version of the traditional story from France

St. Nicholas Poems

More About St. Nicholas


Ernie & Bert meet Sinterklaas—Grover, too!
translated from Dutch, with an introduction, too

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