St. Nicholas, the Wonder-Worker, Icon in Tree
Saint Nikolai Mirlikisky

Handwritten Icon

19th century
Egg tempera on gesso
5 5/8 × 7 inches
A depiction of the appearance of the holy and miraculous image of the great sanctifier Nikolai the Miracle Worker, in the monastery named after Nikolai (called "Nikolaevskays") . . .

Before the Battle of Kulikovo (8 Sept 1380) Prince Dmitry Ivanovich, Grand Prince of Vladimir, saw a vision of a St. Nicholas icon in a tree, by whom he was blessed. He then won the battle with Tatars (Mongols) on the River Don. In gratitude the Prince had Nikolo-Ugreshski Monastery built on the very spot where he had the vision. Because of this victory he was known as Dmitry Donskoi (of the Don).