Der Donaufürst
Master of the Danube


6 December 2004
St. Nikola an der Donau, Austria
Legend tells us the Danube river nymphs, who live in a crystal palace at the bottom of the river, cry each night for their lost Prince of the River.
Years ago a poor fisherman’s daughter was kidnapped by the Prince and taken to the crystal palace. The fisherman, seeking to recover his daughter, went out on the river at night. The Prince came, and before he could grab the fisherman, the Prince was hit on the head with an oar, knocking four jewels out of his sea-shell crown. (Sacred objects protected folk from the Prince and the fisherman had put a rosary on his oar).
No longer a prince, the Master of the Danube still searches the river and shore for the lost jewels that will allow him to be a prince once again.