Three Boys in the Barrel


St Mary's Church
Wissington, Suffolk, England UK

Late 13th century
"At the bottom centre of the scene is the roughly square red barrel, and above it an accustomed eye might be able to make out three small heads in profile (that on the right is clearest). The boys are emerging from the pickling-tub, and they have their arms stretched out horizontally to the right of the picture, where St. Nicholas once stood with his mitre and pastoral cross. Only a few vague patches of yellow pigment are left of him now, but they still just manage to imply a standing figure, with the vertical spiral band dividing all the scenes at Wissington further right." from Painted
The medieval wall paintings of the Miracles of Saint Nicholas date from the late 1200s. The facsimile recreations were done by Professor Ernest William Tristram and are displayed in the church.