HL. Nikolaus

First Day Cover

1988 November 27
Cultural Affairs Office, City of Vienna
Vienna, Austria
“Living Christmas 1988”

As in the previous ones also this year, during the week-ends preceding Christmas, the Cultural Affairs Office of the City of Vienna will organize a “Living Christmas” in the festivity rooms of the Vienna City Hall. Within the range of the organized events there will be puppet theater shows as well as performances by choruses, musical ensembles and soloists. The performing groups will come not only from Austria but also from abroad, first of all from the Federal Republic of Germany.

On the special cancellation and on the cover can be seen a representation of St. Nicolaus taken from the icon wall of the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic church of St. Barbara in Vienna. This icon wall was painted in 1775 by Moses Subotic.

St. Nicolaus was in the Ukraine the people’s protector from many calamities, mainly from the waters. On his name day the fishermen used to sail out of the harbor for fishing with the picture of the miraculous Saint. In western Ukraine St. Nicolaus was looked upon as the protector of the children, who also brings them gifts.