St Nicholas Church

Millbrook, Hampshire England UK

[Church of England (Anglican)]

The church, probably built in by the 13th century, was near the Test estuary and suffered from damp and flooding. It had fallen into near-ruin by the end of the 18th century. An Act of Parliament to raze the church was passed in 1797. However, it was repaired as there wasn't money to build a new church. The nave was demolished and rebuilt in 1828. Holy Trinity was built on a new site in 1872 and St Nicholas became a chapel of ease. Closed in 1889 because of the damp, it was again repaired and reopened in 1911. The last service was in 1920 and the east wall collapsed just a week later. The remains were demolished in 1938. The area was redeveloped in the 1980s for a dual carriageway (the westbound A33) and houses.

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