Sint Nicolaaskerk

Hogebeintum / Hegebeintum Netherlands

Protestantse Kerk in Nederland (Reformed)

The church sits on one of the 1000 terpen (mounds) in Friesland. The mounds were formed around 600-500 BC to form dry land that would be safe from surrounding water. Originally the terp was 9 hectares, however, it was partially leveled in the 19th century and is now 3 hectares.

Built in 1130, the outer wall has a tabernacle and hagioscope (opening) so criminals and lepers could see the consecration of the host. Damaged at the time of the Reformation, in 1960, paintings were discovered under the whitewash.

The church has a number of historic objects, still in use: candle chandeliers from 1700 light services, the hourglass on the pulpit limits sermons to 45 minutes, and offerings are counted on a raised-edge money table from 1725.