Church of St. Nikola the Wonderworker

Zheravna (Kotel) Bulgaria

Bulgarian Orthodox

The church, consecrated in 1834, has iconography begun in 1833 and finished in 1840. As a center of Orthodox faith during the Ottoman period, it had one of the region's largest collections of religious books. A 1950 fire destroyed most of the books and manuscripts, though those from the latter half of the 1700s survived. The church complex has the church, a candle shop, and a school; there is a square in front of the courtyard with a church cafe and an old oven. Saint Nikolai is an active church with a unique collection of icons, including St. Panteleimon and scenes of his Life—the oldest in the region—sculpture, and church vessels.

May 9th is the summer festival at the church; it's a big festival in the town hosted by the mayor with many supporters.

Zheravna is an historical preserve with about 200 houses from the Bulgarian Revival period 300 years ago and draws many tourists annually.