Chapelle Saint-Nicolas

Plougasnou, Bretagne France

Roman Catholic

The chapel was rebuilt in 1890 on the site of an older chapel. As the chapel was deteriorating, the Association Saint-Nicolas was formed to save it. The ivy was removed from walls and roof, the roof removed, and the top of the walls reinforced with waterproof cement. The chapel, walls and steeple are now preserved. Funds are sought to rebuild the roof, door, and windows. There was originally a Gothic fountain said to strengthen children's legs. In the 1700s there were statues of St Nicolas, the Blessed Virgin, Christ, and St Rene. The chapel was in ruin by 1890 and the elements sold. It was rebuilt by 1910, with four statues: St Nicholas Hervé and Yves. There were two fountains and a washhouse. The last Mass was in 1915. The altar gate, altar and one or two statues were still there in 1965.