Crkva Sveti Nikola Shishevski—Siševo Monastery

Matka Gorge, Treska River, near Skopje North Macedonia

Macedonian Orthodox

The 14th century church is in the Matka Gorge along the Treska River. Hiking is required to reach it; beautiful views of the gorge reward those who do so.

The monastery church was abandoned in the 18th century, though monastery life was restored for a short time later. The frescos were painted in 1630, with scenes from the life of St. Nicholas and the life of Christ. The church has two buildings, the older with a small single-nave, and a larger newer one. There are three layers of frescos, the oldest are in fragments, the next from the 14th century, and the last from the early 1600s. These include scense from the life of St. Nikola.