Church of Saint Nicholas
Askold's Grave

Kyiv Ukraine

Ukrainian Greek Catholic

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The small round church in Askold's Grave Park was built in 1810, with a colonnade added in 1935. The park is on the burial site of princes Askold and Dir, killed by prince Oleg in AD 882. Prince Askold was baptized in the name of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker in AD 866. The first Russian St. Nicholas church was built on the site in the 10th century and destroyed in 971. A wooden temple was rebuilt in 990. The present church was built in 1810 and restored in 1882. It served as a Ukrainian Orthodox parish church from 1921-34 until Soviets closed it in 1934. The cemetery was destroyed, creating an amusement park with the the church rebuilt as a restaurant. The building was given to the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in 1992 and the original appearance restored in 1997-98. A bell tower was built in 2017.