St. Nicholas Chapel—Cathedral of the Holy New Martyrs & Confessors of Russia

Munich, Bavaria Germany

Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia

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The Community of St. Nicholas, formed in 1921, did not own its own worship space until the early 1990s. The former American church, built for military personnel in the mid-20th century, had been abandoned at the conclusion of American military presence. Remodeling created an Orthodox church in traditional Pskovian style. It was decided to dedicate the new church to the newly-canonized Russian saints and to give St. Nicholas, the beloved Russian protector and former patron of the church, a chapel. The St. Nicholas Chapel was consecrated in 1997. The chapel services are on weekdays, minor feasts and during Great Lent. German-language services with a German-language choir, baptisms, molebens, pannikhidas, unctions over the sick and other services also take place in the chapel.

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