Skt. Nikolaj Kirke—Slangerup Kloster

Slangerup Denmark

[Roman Catholic]

Around 1095 King Erik Ejegod replaced an earlier wooden church with a limestone church dedicated to St. Nicholas. The plan was for it to be the largest church in Scandinavia—final size was 60 meters long and 13 meters wide. It was later enlarged with two side aisles and an apse. There were two west towers 30 meters high. In 1170 the royal church was given to Benedictine nuns; the new abbey was dedicated to Our Lady and Saint Nicholas. In 1103 Eric the Good gave the church a Nicholas relic he'd obtained in Constantinople. In 1187 the complex was given to Cisterdian nuns. The abbey housed many unmarried women until they either married or took vows. The abbey was closed by the Danish Reformation in 1536. The large church was demolished in 1572, materials being used to build St. Michael's Church. Part of the altarpiece is also in the church.