[Chiesa San Nicoló delle Vigne]—Basilica di San Domenico

Bologna, Emilia-Romagna Italy

Roman Catholic

The Dominican order began here in the St. Nicholas of the Vineyards Church and convent. St. Dominic presided over the first two chapters here, defining the order. After his death in 1221, he was buried in the church behind the altar. Between 1228 and 1240 the church and convent of Saint Nicholas were enlarged and rededicated to St. Dominic. The saint's remains were moved in 1233 from behind the altar into a simple marble sarcophagus in the right aisle of the church. A new tomb to be more accessible for pilgrims was commissioned in 1264. It was moved to the middle of the church in 1411 and, finally, moved to its own chapel in the 1700s. The Basilica is the home of the Dominican order.