Chiesa di San Nicola

San Giuliano del Sannio, Molise Italy

Roman Catholic

The church, on the site of earlier buildings, was destroyed and rebuilt at least twice after earthquakes in the 14th and 18th centuries. A stone lion dates from 1200 and a font from 1587. Rebuilt again after another earthquake in 1805, the roof collapsed from snow in 1847. The church was completely restored from 1969 to 1977. The church has seven altars and 14 windows.

St. Nicholas is the town's patron saint; the main festival is May 9 for the Translation of the Relics. The festival includes an auction of flags (representing countries of citizen emigration), procession to the church, cmothers bring hildren to be weighed at the foot of the statue and blessed by the priest, invoking the saint's blessing. Shots are fired into the air and brass bands contribute to the festivity.