Church of St Nicholas' Hospital

York, Yorkshire England UK

[Church of England (Anglican)]

The Church of St Nicholas' Hospital stood outside the walls on the south side of Lawrence Street. The chancel may have been used as a chapel for the leprosy patients and the nave for the parish. The Civil War caused much damage to the church in 1644 and it was then united with St Lawrence's. The remarkable late 12th century Romanesque doorway was dismantled and reassembled at St Margeret's. The smaller doorway may have been taken to St Denys. St Nicholas' bells were rehung in St John's, Ouse Bridge End, in 1653 and building stone reused to repair the Dunnington St Nicholas Church in 1717. So St Nicholas was recycled to continue service as part of the fabric of four other places of worship. St Margaret's is now home to the National Centre for Early Music in York.