Kapel voor Nikolaas van Myra—Begijnhofkapel HH. Johannes en Ursula

Amsterdam Netherlands

Roman Catholic

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The Begijnhof, built in the 1300s, was home to the Beguines—a Roman Catholic order of single women, not nuns, who received housing for caring for the sick and educating the poor. Their church was confiscated by Protestants in 1578; it is still Protestant, the "English Church," now Church of Scotland. After a century, the Beguines were allowed to build their own chapel in 1671. This was the time for "secret" chapels, authorized by Protestant authorities, but "hidden" with exteriors that could not look like a church. The left side chapel is dedicated to St. Nicholas. The Begijnhof Chapel, part of the Sint Nicolaas parish, tells the story of the 1345 Miracle of Amsterdam in the stained glass windows.