Agios Nikolaos tou Bogdansarághi

Istanbul (Salma Tomruk / Faith) Turkey

[Eastern Orthodox]

The church was built on the slope of the sixth hill of Constantinople, overlooking the Golden Horn. During the Byzantine era, it is thought to have been a church or chapel of the monastery of St. John the Baptist in the Rock, one of the largest monasteries in Constantinople. It may have been built in the 12th or the 14th century. The north-south orientation suggests it was built as a funeral chapel. The original dedication is unknown. After the Ottomans occupied Constantinople in 1453 the chapel became part of the master of Moldavia’s estate and became known as “Bogdan Sarayi” or Moldavian Palace and was dedicated to St. Nicholas. The church was endowed to the Russian monastery of St. Pantaleon on Mount Athos. The complex burned in 1784 and the church deteriorated in the 1800s, falling into ruin after the earthquake of 1894. The ruins were enclosed during the latter 1900s and are now inside a tire shop. The parts above ground have almost disappeared, leaving only the crypt.

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