Monastery of Agios Nikolaos

Orounta Cyprus

Greek Orthodox

The monastery began in AD 900; it was renovated in 1200. It served as a pilgrimage center from 1200 until 1800, though there were many raids and damage during that time. The abbot refused to give the monastery treasure to Mohammedan Turks, so he was thrown into a well and the monks drowned in a nearby lake. The treasure had been hidden, however. Much later a farmer discovered him, and unable to conceal his joy, he cheered. The Turks tortured the farmer, forcing him to hand over the treasures. The monastery was sold and used to house livestock. The iconography was destroyed. Sold again in 1828, it was later donated to the Bishopric of Keryneia. The lands were sold and the monastery sold in 1954 to the Church of Apostle Lukas, Orounta; it became derelict. Restoration began later with government, resident, and church support.

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