Crkva Sv. Nikole—Monastery of the Patriarchate of Pec

Pec Kosovo

Serbian Orthodox

The small simple Church of Saint Nicholas was built by Archbishop Danilo II (1324-1337) as part of the Patriarchy of Pec's monastery complex. There are three much larger adjacent churches: Church of the Holy Apostles, Church of Saint Demetrios (1320), and Church of the Virgin. Wall paintings were done by the best-known artist of the late 17th century, Radul. Several groupings include St Nicholas: 1) approaching Christ with Patriarch Maksim, and 2) a very full cycle, (25 scenes) of St Nicholas life and miracles. The 17th century icons from the iconostasis, the Virgin and Christ with St. Nicholas, are kept in the church treasury of St. Demetrius, replaced here by newer icons. Frescos

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