[Statie van St. Nicolaas in de Veste]—Ons' Lieve Heer op Solder—Museum Amstelkring

Amsterdam Netherlands

Roman Catholic

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The city's patron saint is also patron of this Baroque attic church, Amsterdam's second St. Nicholas church. After Protestants took over the city and the Church of St. Nicolaas (now the Oude Kerk) in 1578, Roman Catholic conventicles (hidden churches) were tolerated. This church was built in 1663 on the top three floors of a merchant's canal house (whose son was a priest). Above the living quarters there was a tiny chapel with full altar, pews, organ, and two lofts. There was also a separate Lady Chapel, a sacristy, and a confessional. It served as the parish church until 1888 when the new Sint Nicolaaskerk opened. After 1675 the official name was Statie van St. Nicolaas in de Veste, St. Nicholas inside the Fortification. The three St. Nicholas churches form a straight line, with the other two clearly visible from these windows. It has been the Museum Amstelkring since 1888.