Church of St. Nicholas

Bani Mazurski Poland

Greek Catholic (Byzantine)

The church, a former Baptist chapel, was built in the later 1800s. Beginning in 1946 it was a Roman Catholic church for over 30 years. Efforts were made to completely assimilate the Ukrainians who were resettled under Operation Vistula in 1947 by separating them from their roots and not allowing the Greek Catholic rite. The priest was transferred after allowing Ukrainian songs on Easter in 1954. Things did loosen up after than and a Uniate priest was assigned in 1957, bringing the Greek Catholic liturgy into regular use. In 1975 the Roman Catholics received permission to rebuild their church, though they retained ownership of the building until it became the property of the Greek Catholic parish in 1991. After that the church was adapted to the Eastern rite with the dome on the roof and installation of an iconostasis.