Manastir sv. Nikole

Orahovica Croatia

Serbian Orthodox

Church Website

The monastery church was first wooden and built in 1100; then a new church in 1592. Turks burned the monastery and surrounding villages in the late 1600s. Monks came from Bosnia and restored the ruins. Renovations and additions took place in 1758, 1777, and earthquake damage in 1804 repaired in 1835. It was again renovated in 1938. During World War II the monks evacuated, hiding the monastery treasures. Museum specialists from Zagreb found them in 1941 and took them to Zagreb. Soldiers billeted in monastery lodgings; partisans set fire to them in 1943. The monastery was devastated and the last two monks left in 1991. Four monks have been in residence since 2016. A great assembly is held every year for the Transfer of the Relics of Saint Nicholas, May 22nd. The monastery, also known as Remeta and Duzluk, is one of the oldest Orthodox monasteries in Croatia.