[Nikolai Cathedral]

Tokyo Japan

Japanese Orthodox

The cathedral was completed in 1891, built on plans from St. Petersburg, Russia. It was badly damaged in the Great Kanto earthquake in 1923 when the bell tower fell onto the dome, collapsing it. The restored cathedral had a shorter bell tower, modified dome, and less ornate interior.

The byzantine cathedral is affectionately called Nikolai-do after Archbishop Nikolai (St. Nicholas of Japan), who came to Japan in 1861 as chaplain to the Russian consulate. He mastered Japanese language and culture and served as a missionary, bringing Orthodoxy to Japan. He worked among Japanese people for 50 years.

Nikolai-do, the Great Temple of Nicholas, was built from 1884-1891. St. Nicholas of Japan was born Ivan Dimitrovich Kasatkin and took the name of Nicholas, the most revered saint in Russia, when he became a monk.