St. Nicholas Church
Nikolaev Monastery

Bohuslav Ukraine

Ukrainian Orthodox

The monastery was founded in the second half of the 16th century. It has been known as St. Nicholas Monastery since the main wooden church was built and named for St. Nicholas in 1770. It burned in 1787. Then a new foundation was laid and, for lack of funds, a wooden church that was closing was brought and put on a stone foundation—it lasted until 1851. A new stone church was built 1851-53 named for the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, St. Nicholas of Myra, and the Apostle James Alpheus. In the 1930s the bell towers, icons, and church items were removed and it opened as an orphanage. In 1941 the army was located there and the dome and roof of the church destroyed and bricks taken to build the 2nd floor of the Church of the Resurrection of Christ—now the St. Nicholas Church. From 1945-1967 it was an orphanage; 1967-1993, a college dormitory. It was returned to the church in 1993 and the church restored. The monastery was consecrated in 2008.