St. Nicholas

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Children's Books in French
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Comics & Magazines
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  • La Tourn&*#233;e de Saint Nicolas Updated!

    Ballon Media, 2016

    Anvers, Belgium

    Saint Nicolas and non-stereotyped Piets prepare and deliver gifts; board book with fabric miter

  • Saint-Nicolas Coloriages

    Le Ballon, Belgium, 1998

    Mini coloring book

  • St. Nicolas

    S.D.T., France, circa 1930

    Eight page booklet showing St. Nicolas, laminated cover

  • La merveilleuse légende de saint Nicolas

    Albaut, Corinne and Sylvie Pierre

    Actes Sud, Arles, France, 2004

    Legends, songs, recipes and more tell the complete story of St. Nicholas; book and CD

  • Une visite inoubliable

    Alen, Paule and Myriam Deru

    Editions Artis-Historia, Belgium, 1998

    Brieuc is in America—will St Nicolas come? He changes places with Santa before the story ends; other holiday information, too

  • Bonjour, Saint-Nicolas

    Amant, Kathleen

    Petit Train, Namur, Belgium, 2006

    A little girl visits Saint-Nicolas in a store, who tells her he'll bring a gift, speculoos, and chocolate. On the Eve of Saint-Nicolas she wears new pyjamas and the next morning finds a doll and stroller, clementines and a chocolate Saint-Nicolas. The story ends with the girl holding the doll with chocolate on her face. In this story Père Fouetard is actually a Dutch Piet. The book was originally published as Lieve Sinterklaas in Dutch.

  • Histoire de saint Nicolas

    Bastien, Rene & Sylvia Chieu

    Editions Serpenoise, Metz, France, 1998

    Information and stories, including Saint Nicolas special relationship to Lorraine

  • Le Légende de Saint Nicolas

    Baudroux, Jean-Claude

    Editions du Bastberg, France, 1997

    Traditional legend, nicely illustrated, frightening butcher; additional information at the back

  • L'imagerie de Noël

    Beaumont, Emilie

    Editions Fleurus, Paris, France, 1996

    Christmas traditions from around the world, with craft ideas; a nice section about St. Nicholas

  • Luc, Ahmed et Saint Nicolas

    Bittner, Wolfgang & Ursula Kirchberg

    Editions Nord-Sud, 1996

    Friends Luc and Ahmed live in the same building. Luc is excited for Saint Nicholas Eve. Ahmed wonders if he will be remembered, too, as his traditions are different. Ahmed secretly puts his shoes outside as Luc said. A beautiful story of friendship and sharing, transcending cultural differences.

  • Les souliers de saint Nicolas

    Bourguignon, Laurence illustrated by Annette Boisnard

    Mijade Editions, Namur, Belgium, 2009

    St. Nicolas burns cookies, loses his shoes; how will he make his deliveries? A light-hearted, silly story.

  • Un Cadeau pour l'âne

    Bourguignon, Laurence, illustrated by Nathalie Polfliet

    Mijade Editions, Namur, Belgium, 2008

    It is St. Nicholas eve and the donkey wants to play, not help deliver gifts. Saint-Nicolas promises a surprise if the gifts are delivered on time.

  • La Légende de Saint Nicolas

    Boursier-Mougenot, A.

    Maison Mame, Paris, France, 1935

    Nicely illustrated traditional French story of the children in the tub

  • La Légende de Saint Nicolas

    Crouvezier, G. illustrated by Manon Issel

    Desclée de Brouwer, Paris, 1951

    Traditional story with soft water color illustrations

  • Saint Nicolas avec Lola et Robin

    Cuny, Jean-Marie, illustrated by Doris Lauer

    Imagerie d'Epinal, Epinal, France, 2010

    Attractive story interspersed with pages of illustrated short bits of information about Saint Nicolas

    Purchase from Imagerie d'Epinal

  • Saint NICOLAS

    de Liphart, E., illustrator

    Maison Quantin, Paris, ca 1880

    Illustrated traditional song, with music

  • L'histoire de Saint Nicolas et du *Père Fouettard

    Debeire, Dominique

    Editions du Bastberg, France, 1995

    The French legend of St Nicolas and other background and customs

  • Le Mystère de St Nicolas: Légende

    Gaillard, A., illus.

    Imageries Réunies Jarville, Nancy, France, 1936

    Large format, illustrated legend

  • Nicolas

    Geoffray, Marc

    France Productions, 2008

    51 minute CD with 16 segments, illustrated booklet with quiz

    Information includes background, St. Nicolas is France, Bari, legends and patronages

  • La Legende de Saint Nicolas

    Geraud, Robert

    Pére Cstor Editions Flammarion , France, 2002

    The French legend of St Nicolas and other background and customs

  • Les Cadeaux de Saint-Nicolas

    Herzen, Frank

    Editions le Ballon, Antwerp, Belgium, 1988

    Six St Nicholas stories

  • La Saint-Nicolas

    Imagerie Pellerin

    Epinal, France, ca 1850 - 1900

    Saint-Nicolas and Saint-Fouettard visit homes of rich and poor

  • La Légende de Saint Nicolas

    L'Oncle Jacques, illustrated by Fernand Dépelchin

    Ed. Lebailly Celles, Haimaut, Belgium, ca 1945

    Traditional story with particular emphasis and gruesome illustrations of the butcher

  • Vive St Nicolas!

    Lagarde, J., illus.

    Hemmerlin, Belgium, 1975

    Board book in French

  • La belle legende de Saint Nicolas

    Merlaud, André

    Editions Fleurus, Paris, France, 1959

    Story told cartoon style, in frames with text beneath

  • Saint Nicolas: Patron des Enfants Sages

    Noury, Pierre and Germaine

    La Semeuse, France, 1028

    Twenty-one stories illustrated with striking red and blue pictures

  • Saint Nicolas: Sa Véritable Histoire

    Pion, Thomas

    La Renaissance du Livre, Paris, 2003

    In this version the donkey tells St Nicolas about the children and they go together to rescue the three; a not-so-gruesome telling

  • Les Habits Neufs de Saint Nicolas

    Schubert, Ingrid & Dieter

    Grasset & Fasquelle, France, 1989

    A tired St Nicolas is given a party and tries many costumes before showing that he and Pére Noel are one and the same (French edition of Dutch book)

  • Nicolas

    Sigaut, Marie-Hélène

    Editions Fleurus, Paris, France, 1987

    Nicely illustrated, dowry story and more, legends and song

  • La Légende du Grand Saint Nicolas

    Société de S. Augustin

    Desclee De Brouwer & Cie., Paris - Lille - Bruges, ca early 1800s

    Traditional legend in four languages: French, Russian, Dutch Suetterlin

  • La Légende du Grand Saint Nicolas

    Société de S. Augustin

    ca early 1800s

    Edition with colored illustrations; text in French, Russian, Dutch and Suetterlin

  • Sint Nicolas dins les Rûjes Updated!

    Timmermans, Felix

    Edition Tintenfaß, 2017

    Neckarsteinach, Germany

    Classic story translated into Walloon, the historic language spoken in most of what is now French-speaking Belgium

  • Sint Nicolas Rèyûs Updated!

    Timmermans, Felix

    Edition Tintenfaß, 2017

    Neckarsteinach, Germany

    Classic story translated into Picard, one of the historic languages in French-speaking Belgium.

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  • Annette

    Editions du Pont-Levis

    1946 December 5

    Brussels, Belgium

  • Bernadette

    Maison de la Bonne Presse

    1939 December 3

    Paris, France

  • Bravo!

    J. Meuwissen


    Brussels, Belgium

  • La Semaine de Suzette


    1929 December 5

    Paris, France

  • La Semaine de Suzette


    1928 December 5

  • La Semaine de Suzette


    1934 November 29

    Paris, France

  • Saint Nicolas Noel

    Librairie Ch. Delagrave

    1904 December 25

    Paris, France

    The first issue of a large format literary magazine for children.

  • Spirou

    Editions Dupuis S.A.

    1964 October 29

    Marcinelle, Belgium

  • Tintin


    Le Lombard, 1948 December 2

    Brussels, Belgium

  • Tintin


    Le Lombard, 1946 December 5

    Brussels, Belgium

  • Tintin


    Le Lombard, 1951 December 3

    Brussels, Belgium

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