St. Nicholas

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 Life and Miracles of Saint Nicolas
Cathedral of St. Etienne, Bourges, France

photos courtesy of Stuart Whatling

Bourges Cathedral, a World Heritage Site, tells the stories of the Old and New Testaments, the life of saints and martyrs, prophets and apostles. The ambulatory has 22 early 13th century windows, with 480 separate panels. The large window in bay 19 of the ambulatory is devoted to the life and legends of Saint Nicolas. The window is shown below with sections in reverse order and with links to the stories. The first four panels below are replacement 19th century glass. The whole window may be seen below.

The three Generals are arrested

Whole window
Click to see entire window

Photos: copyright © Stuart Whatling Medieval Art, North Lincolnshire, England. Visit Medieval Art for larger images. Used by permission.
Photo of entire window: copyright © Gordon Plumb, North Lincolnshire, England. Used by permission.

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