St. Nicholas

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Life and Miracles of Saint Nicholas
Chartres Cathedral, France

photos courtesy of Gordon Plumb

Chartres is said to have one of the most complete collections of medieval stained glass in the world. The glass escaped harm during the 16th century religious wars. During World War II it was safe-guarded by being removed and stored in the surrounding countryside. Following the war it was reinstalled. One of the large, tall windows on the north of the nave, bay 39, is devoted to the life and legends of Saint Nicholas. The glass dates from the early 13th century. The window is shown in sections, reversed, with links for the stories. The whole window may be seen below. The progression is shown from the bottom up, as that is the way a viewer would "read" the window. The cathedral has another large Saint Nicolas window from the same period.

Top: Infant Nicholas fasting
Middle: Answer to Prayer: Birth of Nicholas
Birth of Nicholas           First Bath
Bottom: Donors: spice merchants, apothecaries

Famine Relief
Nicholas blessing     All grain delivered

Top: How Nicholas Became a Bishop
Middle: The Story of the Dowries
Nicholas gives gold          Father thanks Nicholas
Bottom: Nicholas the Student

Famine Relief
Nicholas asks for grain     Grain unloaded for Myra

Top: Consecration as Bishop
Middle: One Cup or Two
Boy falls into sea          Boy returned tp paremts
Bottom: Fire Did Not Consume

The Evil Butcher
Inkeeper lures students          Murders students

Top: The Guardian
Middle & below: The Deceitful Borrower
Middle right: Nicholas as guarantor          Middle left: Cart reveals fraud
Bottom: Hollow staff fraud
Whole window
Click to see entire window

Photos: copyright © Gordon Plumb, North Lincolnshire, England. Used by permission.

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