St. Nicholas

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 Playmobil Santa into St. Nicholas

Turn your Playmobil Santa into Saint Nicholas!

Playmobil has introduced a new St. Nicholas, available in the US in 2011. However, you may still be interested in turning your Santas into St. Nicholases.

Three Playmobil Nicholases

Playmobil Santas (#5793, #3852, #4679) all came with Santa sacks, Santa hats, and sticks. One came with a cloak, too (however, the cloak doesn't look good with our conversion).


A chasuble and miter will turn these Santas into St. Nicholas. A metallic gold chenille stem could also make a crozier. However, It probably wouldn't hold up so well, tossed in with other Playmobil pieces. Click for PDF with patterns and instructions.

If you have Royal King (#4663) your Santa could become a Byzantine St. Nicholas. The crown, with crosses, is similar enough to be used as a Byzantine miter. The scepter, also topped with a cross, can be the staff. Playmobil set #4663 has been discontinued, but there are a number of them available on eBay.

Byzantine Nicholas

Several years ago a French woman made plastic miters for Playmobil Santas. They are lovely, but were pricey and a little fragile; I have no idea how she made them.

Two Playmobil Nicholases with miters


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