St. Nicholas Activity Kit

Children's activities from our big exhibit adapted for churches and schools!
Available for use in the contiguous United States only

Use the activities from St. Nicholas Center's Activity Kit to make your Saint Nicholas event extra special. The eye-catching Tall standing banner draws attention to the event. Hands-on activities help children remember who Saint Nicholas really is.


Book Cover
Rubbing Plates
Rubbing Plates
St Nicholas Puzzles
Four wood-mounted puzzles
Discovering the Truth About Santa Claus banner
Standing banner
Kit includes
  • Standing banner (8-feet tall)
  • Introductory 3-minute video (.wmv file on USB drive)
  • PowerPoint: And Now We Call Him Santa Claus (.pptx file on USB drive)
  • Four wood-mounted puzzles
  • Three rubbing plates: St. Nicholas gives gold to rescue three young women, St. Nicholas visits a family, St. Nicholas is the patron saint of children
  • Paper miter-folding with instructions
  • Supplies for 100 participants: 100 printed miter-folding sheets, 100 instruction sheets, 300 sheets for rubbings, rubbing crayons, drafting tape and dispenser (more available at extra cost)

Activity Kit Usage Terms

3–6 days in October – December $100
11–14 days in October – December $125
This option provides for two weekends
Cost for additional time to be determined by the situation
1 week at other times $50 Special price!
Transportation and damage deposit: $190
Last year shipping costs were between $26 and $60 each way, depending on the distance
(kits weigh 39 lbs, shipping case is 38x19x7-inches; FedEx Ground is the most cost effective for this size and weight)
Actual shipping costs will be charged; remainder of the deposit will be refunded when the kit is returned in good condition on the agreed upon date *

To reserve Activity Kit

e-mail your request, including:

Your name
Church, school, or organization
Shipping address
Telephone number
Kit/s requested: Display and/or Activity
Requested dates (please give EXACT date you want the kit to arrive and the EXACT date it will be shipped back, so we will know when the kits will be available to others)

We will note a tentative reservation and notify you of the amount due ($290 for one weekend; $315 for two weekends, including deposit, usage fee, and shipping cost). When payment is received in full, the reservation will be confirmed. Reservation swill be held for two weeks, pending payment.

*If damage exceeds the deposit, the borrower accepts responsibility for necessary repair or replacement costs.

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Saint Nicholas Display Kit

Ready-to-Use Publicity Materials Word .docx files for posters, flyers, door hangers and a PDF for a large banner

Sample Press Release and Notices to publicize the kits

St. Nicholas and Community Outreach how one church used the kits

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