St. Nicholas Display & Activity Kits

Usage Payments

This is the page with instructions for making payments to borrow the St. Nicholas Display or Activity Kits.

Reservations will be confirmed when full payment is received.

To reserve the St. Nicholas Display or Activity Kit, please send payment for the usage fee of $100 (3–6 days) or $125 (11–14 days) + $190 for shipping and the damage deposit. Actual shipping cost will be charged; the rest of the deposit will be refunded when kit is returned in good condition. If damage exceeds the deposit, the borrower accepts responsibility for necessary repair or replacement cost.

Please send a check to: St. Nicholas Center, 109 West 12th Street, Holland, MI 49423.

Thank you!

Shipping costs have been between $25–$60 each way, depending on the distance
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