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St. Nicholas Fabric Panels
. . . Cloth Book
. . . Pillow Ornament, Quilt Square or Coaster
. . . Pillow Top

Designed by Cheryl Ann Johnson for Tex Union USA, a Division of DMC, 1991, 1992.

Use these bright cotton fabric panels to make cloth books, ornaments or pillow as designed, or modify for using in your own quilting or craft projects.

St. Nicholas Cloth Book

St Nicholas Cloth Book
Cloth Book Cover
St Nicholas Cloth Book
Double spread Nicholas
St Nicholas Cloth Book
Pop-up ship
St Nicholas Cloth Book
Fabric panel for cloth book

Fabric panel makes one 12-page cloth book 8 1/2 z 7 1/2 inches
Book has  ship pop-up and double page St. Nicholas
Plus one 6 1/2-inch square ornament or coaster, as shown below
Cotton fabric $10.00 + s&h

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St. Nicholas Pillow Ornament, Quilt Square, or Coaster

St Nicholas Square
St. Nicholas Square
St Nicholas Square
St. Nicholas Square Reverse Side

Limited quantity—just 5 left!

Make a square ornament or coaster
Fabric for both front and back

Cotton 7-inch square $5.00 + s&h

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St. Nicholas Pillow Top

St. Nicholas Pillow

Limited quantity—just ONE left!

Make a St Nicholas pillow
Cotton fabric for pillow top only

18 x 17 1/2 inches; makes a 16 inch pillow
$15.00 + s&h

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