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St. Nicholas Rubber Stamps

Use for cards, cookies, and more!

Full-figure St Nicholas
Full Figure

All our stamps now come mounted with cling film for use with an acrylic stamp block. We offer the stamp mounted with cling film and available either with or without an acrylic stamp block. The stamp block is also available separately. If you aren't familiar with using stamps this way—many different stamps may be used with the same block, as the cling film "clings", it isn't permanently attached. Stamps come with paper backing on the cling film that you need to remove to use the stamp. If you don't have a stamp block, the stamps won't work.

Full-figure St Nicholas rubber stamp

Full-Figure St. Nicholas Stamp

Rubber stamp image, 1½ x 3 3/8 inches

Rubber stamp with cling film AND acrylic block $12.50 + s&h

Rubber stamp with cling film WITHOUT acrylic block $5.50 + s&h
Only order if you ALREADY have an acrylic block

Acrylic block ONLY, 3 x 4-inches $8.00 + s&h

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